Are You Double Minded About Your Current Affair

It is a common problem encountered while dating these days. You would have just broken up with your boy friend and suddenly someone else would seem to be Mr. Perfect for you. But, your conscious mind would be tormenting you, leaving you double minded. It makes you confused whether to go on with the current relation or think about how to get your ex boyfriend back.

The best remedy to this is to first identify if you are under a delusion or whether your ex-boyfriend really wants you back. Most ladies ignore improper behaviour from their lovers because of their craze for them. But are you sure it is worth all the pain to keep loving him? If you want to know whether you are his special person or not, it is time that you start looking out for signs. If a man is the least bothered about a woman, it is not that hard to find it out.

An uninterested guy would keep breaking his promises, be it about a call or day out for dinner. He would not take much pain to take you out on a good date or even try to make an impression for that matter. Such a guy would call you at times comfortable for him rather than checking your convenience too.

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