Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea Products

Green tea is made out of leaves that are unfermented and contains high concentration of strong antioxidants known as polyphenols. The extracts of green tea are widely used in various skin care products, as it protects the skin against sun damages and treats and prevents skin cancer. The ingredients of green tea are known to have excellent anti-aging effects and hence the demand for beauty products containing green tea extracts has gone up. Several online sites including Drug Store deal with green tea skincare products.

Premature aging, fine wrinkles, puffy eyes are some of the most common concerns faced by most people, especially after crossing the age of 30. With the help of appropriate products, individuals can resolve these concerns with ease. Green tea protects your skin from ultraviolet rays that causes premature aging. You can find the extracts of green tea also in many wrinkle creams. This particular ingredient is so powerful that you can find its extracts used in moisturizers, as it effectively aids towards water retention in the outer layer of your skin. It also softens dry skin. As far as puffy eyes are concerned, green tea contains a substance known as tannins that acts like an astringent to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. All in all, green tea has endless beauty benefits.

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