Choices For Utilizing a Private Jet

If possible, almost everyone would want to travel using a private jet rather than the commercial airlines. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to people who wish to honestly explore private aircraft travel. This search starts with the two most obvious types of having access to a private aircraft- ownership and charters.

Private aircraft ownership does have it benefits. It's possible to modify their aircraft to suit their specific needs. If the aircraft was to be used for business, it may be formed to that end. Or if the plane is to be used primarily for group transportation, then it may be outfitted that way too. A private aircraft has the benefit of being available in a moment's notice. The primary disadvantage to full ownership is the cost, which starts in the multi-millions of dollars. Then there are the ongoing costs, which could run millions of dollars per year.

Another kind most people use for flying in a private aircraft is to charter a plane. A jet charter may take you pretty much anywhere in the world. The benefit is that the expense of a charter versus ownership is extremely low. As when having a group on a trip, the charter cost compared to commercial travel can be competitive. An aircraft can be provided by some charter companies within four to seven hours notice.

There are other options to using a private aircraft beyond ownership or chartering, but they are usually some kind of hybrid of the two.

When buys a partial share of a jet with others fractional ownership. Access to the plane is normally given on a come first serve basis. However, this is rarely utilized because most fractional plane businesses provide owners access to their entire fleet of planes. This means an owner may use different planes for different needs or trips. An owner pays for an hourly fuel cost and fees to use the planes beyond purchase price.

An jet cards are firmly connected with fractional programs because the same access is given to the jet fleets. But instead of buying a share of a jet, the program participants buy a jet card that is essentially a prepaid debit card for personal jet travel. Then each flight is deducted from the card at an established hourly rate.

Air taxis are the latest entrant to private aviation. Some operate a set plan like an airline. Other gives ready take-off at an extremely discounted rate. Air taxis can provide a much lower rate than standard charters by using very light jets (VLJ). Very light planes have a lower initial purchase price, so the company can charge less for every single trip. However, VLJ's have limited capacity (fewer passengers) and range.

There are options that can make traveling aboard a private aircraft more available to interested parties as you can see.

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