Choosing the Perfect Weight and Size Wheelchair

When selecting the right wheelchair for you, there are a number of factors you may need to consider. The weight, size and other features that can benefit your maneuverability are vital in ensuring you get the right chair to suit you.


Buying super light wheelchairs is a great way of ensuring easy movement throughout the day. Whether you move yourself or your caregiver moves the chair for you, it is better to get a style that has a light overall weight. Every pound counts when it comes to wheelchair weight, and the lighter the chair, the easier it will be to push your weight along at the same time.


Height The height of the back of the chair will provide the appropriate support for your spine, and making sure that the overall height of the wheelchair suits your height will keep your legs comfortable as well so that your hips are properly supported.

Width The seats width should give you a couple of inches to move each way, but shouldn't be any smaller or larger. This will keep your lower body well supported and comfortable for extended periods of time.

Other Features

Look at footrests, wheel styles and handles to personalize your chair with all features that can boost your comfort.

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