Cloud Hosting And Scalability

Cloud hosting facilitates an important aspect that is impossible to avail on a shared or dedicated web hosting server; it is load balancing on an unlimited scale. While a limited amount of load balancing is always possible in every hosting environment it usually involves optimization of the applications that serve the pages and or the Operating System that runs the hosting environment. In the case of cloud hosting virtualization ensures that when ever the load on a website is increasing multiple instances of the website are created across a number of interconnected physical servers and the customers are served the pages from those instances. This way the load is shared between more than one physical server and there is no noticeable lag time or decrease in speed. Users never feel a significant difference in the speed of access even if there are hundreds of them using the website at the same time. Cloud hosting is also suitable when it is necessary to make things scalable on a bigger scale. This leaves the business owner free to keep checking the resources and the bandwidth available and concentrate on his core activity. He can simply choose to add more resources whenever required without much hassle.

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