Consider the Gerber LMF II as a Standard Outdoor Survival Tool

If you are someone with a brave and adventurous heart, then you may want to experience going on an outdoor trip with your family and friends for the weekend. But you should be responsible enough to do some intensive preparations to make sure that you have all you need when you are on the actual camping site. Secure some canned goods, a pot for heating water and tent as a shelter. Of course you should not forget bringing a lightweight, yet durable outdoor knife too such as the Gerber LMF II survival knife.

Features Of The Gerber LMF II

The LMF II is made out of a US 420HC drop point type blade material that has a length of 4.84 inches. Its handle comes in a coyote brown colour made out of TVP overmolded glass filled nylon that is very cosy to its user's hand, either the left or the right. It also has a safety sheath coated with a fire retardant material which you can basically insert it on when you're at rest.

The LMF II for Survival

With the features of the LMF II mentioned previously, it is indeed a knife designed for outdoor survival. In order to get the full camping experience, you will need to accomplish various tasks such as cutting wood that you'd be using for cooking or heating the food that you will be eating. The LMF II should be able to cut wood from trees quickly with very little effort. It is also a good partner when you get in a situation where you have to defend against a wild animal. A survival knife like the LMF II can help you should such a situation arise.

Camping is indeed a great way to have fun with family and friends. However, you should be aware of the risks it comes with too. So, make sure that you have a knife such as the Gerber LMF II survival knife. Such knives can serve as your cutting tool and defense against wild animals at the same time just in case situations come up.

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