Fear of Commitment in Modern Age

Fear of commitment, or also known as commitment phobia, is a fear to any form of commitment. Men and women with severe case of commitment phobia are virtually incapable of committing themselves into even the simplest things such as having a pet or gardening.

It may sound ridiculous to normal population (people without such phobia), but to the sufferers of commitment phobia, the fear is real and in many cases are very tormenting. Imagine the agony you will feel if you have a great crave for something but are too afraid to get it although you know it is within your grasp. That's exactly what people with commitment phobia feel throughout their everyday lives.

The same goes for men and women who fears committed relationships. They always crave for such relationship, continually look for suitable relationship advice in their venture to reach their dream, but when it is within their grasp, out of nowhere their fear comes, blocking their way to the very thing they desire the most. It is very frustrating, not only to the one afflicted by the phobia but also to his/her partner. Facing constant uncertainty, the partner will eventually react in a way that may even worsen his/her disease, forming a vicious circle that will be hard to break.

Generally men are considered more commitment phobic than women, but new findings say that it may be just a stereotyping. Although men are known to be more reluctant to let go of their freedom, women today have also become more independent that many of them no longer feel the urgency of having a permanent partner. In addition, the advancements attained in news broadcasting technology which enables every one of us to see and watch scandalous affairs on TV real time has made many women think twice before binding themselves into a committed relationship.

However, deep inside all of those who suffer commitment phobia, they crave for the very thing they fear the most: a committed relationship. But unfortunately many of them will never attain that dream unless they are willing to admit their fear and seek for help. To find out whether you have such fear of commitment or not, or whether your significant one suffers the syndrome or not, you may want check this signs of commitment phobia.

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