Fuel Options For Your Fire Pits

Once you have decided on building a fire pit in your backyard, you have to start thinking about the fuel you want to use in the fire pit. With the rising costs of fuel, selecting the right type will help you save money and also get an efficiently running fire pit.

Gas pits

There are two types of gas pits namely natural gas and propane. Ethanol has also been used in fire pits. When you use gas fire pits, you need to get a burner installed and this needs the help of a professional. A burner pan is needed for gas pits and the advantage of gas is that it gets ignited instantly and can be easily relied upon. Natural gas is the most preferred one as you can get a line extended from your kitchen. This will always be a dependable source.

In case of propane fuelled pits, you have to get a propane tank and have it fitted with the pit. This way you have the option of making the pit a mobile one, as you can easily move the propane tank when it is fitted to a grill.

Wood pits

Wood for long has been the most favored choice of fuel. You need not do elaborate preparation or installations for wood pits. The lighting part may take some practice to achieve perfection but they make you feel comfortable and cozy.

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