Gilbert Drove Next To A Street Sweeper

Gilbert was driving down the freeway when he saw all the cars in front of him getting over. Gilbert did not understand why they were getting over so he stayed in his lane and kept driving. Gilbert finally realized why the other cars had gotten over when he saw the street sweeper on the side of the road kicking up rocks. Rocks were flying at Gilberts car and a couple hit his windshield putting a chip in it. Gilbert jumped and screamed out loud in shock. Gilbert saw the chips in his windshield and was upset that he now needed to get a new one.

Gilbert got off the freeway and headed to auto glass in Riverside. When he got to Auto Glass in Riverside he showed the worker his window and the worker started removing the glass while Gilbert filled out paper work. Gilbert waited for the worker to finish repairing his window in the waiting room. It was not long before the worker replaced the windshield and Gilbert was ready to go. Gilbert paid for all the work that was done and he tipped the worker for doing such a good job on his windshield. Gilbert knew that he would need to pay more attention on the freeway.

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