Google Pacman: Google’s Most Successful Doodle

On May 21st 2010, two amazing cultural inventions collided. Ok, so it isn't as important as penicillin and mankind but it is in its own way very significant. That particular day, Google released the playable doodle of Pac-Man, which just happened to be the adorable little yellow guys 30th birthday. Basically, a playable doodle means that on that particular day if you went to Google's website, instead of the usual screen with the big, colorful logo, there was an actually playable Pacman game. The game had Google's logo within the Pacman maze, which for this writer, took a while to notice that it was even there.

In many ways, it was very similar to the original game, including even most of the same sound effects. The logo also allowed for two players, another person could enter the game as Ms. Pacman which makes for a very, very entertaining game and definitely brings even more authenticity into the game. Another quality of the logo when it came out for that particular length of time was that when one was on Googles search engine and pressed the Insert Coin button where the I'm Feeling Lucky button used to be would start the game.

This doodle became a huge success and proved that Pacman still has amazing staying power, even thirty years later. Google received so much demand for the logo that they created its own site to play the game. Simply by going here will bring you the playable version of the game. Press Insert Coin and you are ready to start. The creators of this doodle really appear to be big fans because they stayed very true to everything that is good and timeless about this legendary game. When this writer tried it on his laptop, he didn't have much success, the game was very lagging and choppy and that was probably due to having a lot of windows open as he was playing it. However, once he used his tablet, the game proceeded a lot quicker and was able to get the full enjoyment out of Pacman Google.

Google has always been a company that seemed to have a pulse on important events in at least pop culture history and the fact that they recognized the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man and created a doodle for fans to play show why Google is just as timeless and successful.

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