How To Profit From Range Bound Markets

Profiting from the markets will require you to be able to take advantage of all the moves that you find happening in the markets. To be able to do this you will need access to a flexible trading method and one that does not only limit you to calling the market either 'long' or 'short'.

Most forms of financial investment or trading will only allow you to make money from identifying times when a market is either rising or falling. Take spot Forex trading for example. You need the market to be moving strongly in a direction in order to be able to capture the move and book a profit. So what if the market is barely moving at all? At these times it is very difficult to be able to find a move to take on your account.

Step forward binary options. This new way of trading does not need you to identify powerful market moves in order to make money. The range of contracts that are on offer mean that you will be able to place a contract to profit from the prevailing market conditions.

With binary trading you can set contracts to predict range bound markets by setting levels on the chart that you don't think that the market will touch over the duration of the contract.

These contract types are known as 'range' contracts and most options brokers offer them to their clients. If you read this article you will find out about ways in which you can make use of these contracts to profit from trading on your account.

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