Install The Safest Swimming Pool Fence

There are many different styles of swimming pool fences on the market today that meet the requirements of Australian safety standards. Traditional wood and metal fences as well as wrought iron, vinyl clad and those made of other materials are available but the most popular type currently being installed are glass pool fences.

Made of safety glass and stainless steel hardware that are manufactured in Australia, these fences are extremely durable, long lasting and beautiful. Contractors who specialize in the installation of glass pool fencing know that these materials are dependable and will create fences that meet not only the legal requirements but their own high standards as well.

Several thicknesses of glass are available to handle the roughest use and worst weather conditions. The natural durability of this glass and corrosion resistance of the marine grade fittings make fencing that is virtually maintenance free. Unlike other fencing materials that need refinishing or may not last very long, glass pool fencingcan be maintained simply by wiping it down with plain water, a squeegee or a cloth for years of beautiful, dependable service.

The hardware which is already designed for continual exposure to harsh conditions receives an electro finish for added protection. This process also allows for the application of colour and texture for a decorative touch or to match the tinted or frosted glass panels. This means that there are numerous options for the appearance of glass pool fencing. Another choice is the amount of framing used around the glass panels. Full framing employs the most stainless steel for a sleek, modern look. Partial framing is a little more subdued but takes advantage of the stylish combination of the glass and steel. No framing is also a popular option that depends on the secure installation of the stainless steel base spigots.

Each one of these options is completely safe and dependable given the dedication of the most respected installers. They believe that glass pool fencing is a beautiful product that all pool owners should be able to enjoy. With lower glass pool fencing prices and the added value these fences bring to the property, more and more pool owners are making the choice for safe, attractive glass pool fencing.

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