less than a month to birth!

You will have reached your maximum weight at this stage, although it is not always the case for some women. You will feel heavier and your baby will have grown larger. He will be birth-size, although not yet ready to be born. At this point he will be developing his immune system further. He will be living in a space that may no longer be able to house him and you will feel this. You baby will notice light and will feel disturbances like the change in temperature. Then you will notice that most of your weight will shift toward your pelvis and your walking style will be affected a lot.

You will feel a lot more heartburn at 34 weeks pregnant because there is no longer space for your stomach and so you will have to eat less more frequently than three large meals in a day. Your lungs will be free because the weight of the baby will have shifted downwards and you will find it easier to breathe. You may have some anxiety about how you are going to give birth, the kind of parent you are going to be etc. this is normal, although it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. You need to be as relaxed as possible when giving birth.

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