Losing Weight – The HCG Hormone Offers An Effective Solution

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, HCG is a powerful solution. Millions are now using this natural hormone to help them change their body's for the better. Research has led to widespread adoption of this program, as studies have shown very promising results among users. Typically, compared to dieting alone, users of HCG will lose 3-4 times more total fat. HCG does this by preventing the body from slowing down metabolism, which can be a significant problem when users are attempting to lose weight via dieting. Metabolism tends to slow down by a factor of 2-3 when people reduce calories, this being a natural biological mechanism.

The modern use of hcg drops rather than injections has also allowed many more people to use the program than could otherwise afford it. HCG drops are taken sublingually (under the person's tongue and allowed to absorb therein). These drops can work just as well as injections, but are pain-free and a lot cheaper to manufacture and administer. However, there are also some potential problems selecting a brand of product from the many out there. A lot of retailers are marketing hormone-free products, that do not contain the hormone at all. These cheap vitamin supplements use the HCG name in order to sell more product to unsuspecting customers. Real HCG is becoming hard to find, and typically can now only be found online. Real HCG is fairly easy to tell apart, as it will list the dosage in IUs, need refrigeration and be alcohol-free. New users should carefully select products that match this criteria in order to achieve the best results possible.

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