Monitor To Guard Fridge Temperature

Every week the average housewife stores a fair amount of food in the refrigerator (colloq.UK: fridge). The low temperature in the fridge ensures that the food remains fresh for a couple of days at least. But what happens if the temperature in the fridge unbeknown to the family is not as low as it should be? There is then a risk of the food going off. This sort of situation may be avoided with the monitor described in this article. With the aid of three LEDs, it shows at a glance whether the inside temperature is too low, too high or right.

Keeping food fresh in a refrigerator depends on the temperature in the fridge being maintained at a correct temperature: 3-6 degrees C. This temperature range is selected with a variable thermostat. Some people set this thermostat once and then forget all about it until the food goes off or is retrieved half frozen.

This unfortunate situation may be avoided by the monitor described in this article. It provides a fast and efficient means of checking the temperature inside the fridge. Every time the fridge door is opened, the monitor is automatically switched on whereupon a green, yellow or red LED (light emitting diode) lights.

When the fridge door is closed, the monitor is automatically switched off again. Since the monitor in the quiescent state draws a current of only 1 uA, a single battery will power the unit for more than a year.

The monitor can be found in some appliance or electronics shops but it can also be constructed on the printed-circuit board. The dimensions of this board should enable it to be conveniently housed, together with the standard 9 V battery, in the case suitable for the refrigerator.

With a simple monitor you can have optimal temperature in the refrigerator which will keep your food fresh and tasty.

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