Organizing a Surprise Birthday Party

I love it when people organize surprise birthday parties because the birthday person never expects to see the guests and never suspected their loved ones were planning such party. All I know is that the next month my brother is turning fifty and that I must find some birthday gifts for his party that are suitable for a fifty year old person. Even when he has already told us that he does not want to celebrate being that old we know that this will be a unique event in his life and that he needs to spend time with the people who love him. The party should be something that he and the rest of the family will remember for many years to come, and hopefully will encourage my other brothers and sisters to host great parties as well when they turn 50.

My sister-in-law is in charge of finding the right place to do it, my mum is in charge of sending the invitations, which have already been printed, and I will have to look for the right chef to prepare a menu that suits my brother as well as some veggies that will go to the party. The only thing left is to ask my dad to take him to the party with an excuse so that we can celebrate his birthday.

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