Petition For Executive Clemency

Actually, executive clemency is a legal concept, where the executive of a state or federal body pardons a criminal in high ranking convictions. Generally, the act of executive clemency is used by governors to pardon people who are imprisoned for capital crimes. Basically, the legal concept of executive clemency is similar for both state and federal levels. Moreover, the state crimes are always under the jurisdiction of the current governor where the crime occurred. The president of the United States can grant a pardon on all federal crimes, but no crime that is under a state's jurisdiction or a military crime. You can dig this site for more information.

See, a prisoner or a person found guilty in a federal or state system first should properly draft a petition to the appropriate Attorney General office and this draft must be detailed, do describe the crime, give permission for the Attorney General office to see the criminal record, and provide any evidence of duress during your imprisonment. Duress evidence could help swing the clemency in your favor.

Above all, the Attorney General of a state consults with the governor and the U.S. Attorney General consults with the president concerning the ramifications of the pardon. After that, the Attorney General further decides if the case is worthy of the governor or President's attention. If it is, the Attorney General communicates with the criminal's attorney. If the governor or president agrees to pardon the criminal, the criminal is automatically free of their criminal sentence or their crimes are stricken from the record. So, you must read and understand the norms carefully.

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