Rockwall Another Kent Rosenblum Winery

Kent Rosenblum has made quite a name for himself in the wine industry of late. Starting with the sale of his namesake winery to the Diageo corporate alcohol warehouse, he simply wanted another similar project. That's pretty normal as most people tend to enjoy the fame, freedom and also in rare occasions, the financial flexibility which comes from working within the wine trade.

Clearly the winery sale didn't come with a non compete clause as Rockwall is situated just a stone's throw from Rosenblum which has risen to prominence and now competes for representation and store shelves with the likes of Gallo and Mondavi, often winning when it comes to Zinfandel. Rockwall won't have that type of production at the beginning, but no one would be surprised to see it get there at some point in the future. Rosenblum has set the winery up and is still family owned and operated as his daughter is the current General Manager. As a wine of the month club owner, it's an exciting development because we know the family can make outstanding Zinfandel, frankly I'm excited to see what they can do working on a small production scale. As you might expect, it is easier to make 3,000 cases of incredible wine than it is to make 300,000 cases of incredible wine.

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