Selection Of Event Venue

Keep following things in mind while selecting an event venue
1) Target Audience/Guest Size: This means the amount of people you are expecting to attend your event.

Make sure that your venue can easily accommodate your predictable target audience. Your venue should not be too small or too large for your guests. If too small, then your guests will feel distress. If it is too large then you will needlessly end up paying more for the venue.

The term R.S.V.P is a French acronym. Its meaning in English is 'Please Respond'. If R.S.V.P is printed on the invitation then the invited guest is expected to tell the host whether or not he/she is attending the event. Since many people don't understand the meaning of this term or don't bother to reply back, it is advisable to individually call and ask your guests about there plan to attend the event.

In this way you can get quite accurate idea of the guest size which will help you in deciding food and beverage quantities also.

2) Target spectators Status
If you target audience are from rich community then your venue must be a five star hotel or resort and all the services provided during the event must be of very high quality.
3) Target Audience Convenience
Select venue according to target audience convenience.

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