“SIFOST” Silly Foolish And Stupid

Modern English is amazing, we have the power to add onto the fine language and my proposal is to add onto it the word "SIFOST" for those individuals who can best be classified as silly, stupid and foolish. The first individuals to earn the esteemed title of "SIFOST" would be the drivers who decide to go out on the road without any form of car insurance. We all understand that getting car insurance seems like a bother, but if it is a bother to you then do consider the other road users who may be knocked down by you. The only way you may be able to meet some of their expenses would be through the insurance cover which you dont possess! These classes of guys are so "SIFOST" again because there are so many car insurance companies with very low car insurance rates that it practically does not make sense why they are driving without the car insurance in the first place.

The second groups of guys who make the "SIFOST" title are the class of guys who are driving around with fake car insurance either by design or out of ignorance. When driving with fake car insurance by design, you have just increased the odds of dying for other commuters by a significant bit and the odds of spending some jail time by over fifty percent! And if you are driving fake car insurance without your knowledge, then its not just as bad, it is worse for you because you are making another guy richer in the process.

Truth be told; getting cheap car insurance is not so difficult, all it entails is just an internet connection and the will to sit down and do a quick search on auto insurance quotes and then the effort of comparing the auto insurance quotes you shall have pulled off. SIFOST is actually "silly foolish and stupid; with all variations of the definition applying to the individual it is applied to.

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