Spring Cleaning for Your Kayaking Equipment

Spring is the best time to give your kayak and gear a good look to make sure they're in order. Begin with a bulkhead leak test, although this isn't necessary with inflatable kayaks. Fill your kayak compartments with water and check for water draining into the cockpit or through the hatch covers and bulkhead tops.

Make sure your grab loops and deck lines are in good condition and still have their strength, as towlines may be attached. Also check the elasticity of your bungee cords. Next, clean the foot pegs with water and a silicone spray and then inspect your rudder and skeg cables to make sure they're working.

Of course, there is little maintenance required for inflatable kayaks. If you put your kayak in storage dry and clean there should be no issues whatsoever. Simply apply UV Protectant spray to protect against sun damage.

Follow up by checking your clothing for damage, paying careful attention to the zippers and gaskets.

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