Strange Homeowners During Open Houses

I recently hosted an open house at three different Homes in Lakeland, Florida in the same weekend. The houses were beautiful and the owners were very accommodating. It was really nice to be able to show people around these houses without having to worry about anything being off limits. I have had to host open houses in the past where homeowners were adamant that no one was allowed to step into one room or another. I have even had a few homeowners who refused to leave the property during the open houses, and they would hide out to make sure no one was stealing their stuff. The strangest one was a homeowner who dressed up like he was looking to buy the house and went through with each group to look at the house. He wanted to make sure to ask questions that could potentially entice a buyer, but it ended up backfiring. He asked a question I was not sure of the answer on, so I told him I would find out and get back to him like I am supposed to. He then said the answer and it made all of the people who were considering putting a bid in on the house walk out.

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