Teenagers Cannot Agree on Headphones

Finding the best headphones for two teenagers to share should not be that difficult of a task. Now, finding a pair that they are both in agreement about is a task worthy of a television drama. I never would have guessed that finding a single pair of headphones would turn my home into a war zone, but that is exactly what it has done. Every time my two teenagers pass each other in the hall, they are exchanging rude and snide comments. They are poking fun at the taste choices that the other is making, and they are trying to convince me that the other is wrong. After a week of non-stop arguing, I told them I had a solution. I told them that my husband and I would sit down this coming weekend and give them both 10 minutes to plead their case. It could turn into a good old debate, and the winner got to have more sway with which set of headphones were most heavily considered. I think it will be a good lesson in preparation for them both, and I am really curious what each one is going to bring to the table. One of them is already writing up a speech, while the other is much more likely to just talk on the fly during the time 'on stage'.

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