The Best Protection At The Best Price

Pool owners have an important decision to make when it comes to providing protection for their swimming pools. Among all the possible fencing products, however, glass pool fences stand out from the rest for their strength, appearance, long life and superior value.

Safety is the primary reason for the installation of swimming pool fences. Australian standards set minimum requirements that must be met and glass pool fencing not only meets but often exceeds those specifications.

Strength, durability and long life are all associated with glass pool fences that are installed by reputable contractors who specialize in this type of product. They depend on the consistently high quality of Australian made safety glass and marine grade stainless steel hardware. These materials along with precise measurements and careful installation techniques make glass pool fencing the most stable, durable fencing around.

Not only is a glass pool fence strong, it is also very attractive. The versatility of glass and stainless steel allows for a number of different styles and appearances. The glass panels can be custom moulded into curves, have a design etched into the surface or be tinted or frosted. The hardware that is already corrosion resistant receives an electro finish for added protection that also provides the opportunity to apply colour and texture to the fittings.

Glass pool fencing experts bolt the fittings together through the glass panels for a non-slip grip. They also use exact measurements to create the holes that will hold the base spigots so there is no room to wiggle. These spigots are grouted into place to maximize the stability of the fence.

Ease of installation is also a major factor in the popularity of glass pool fences. Able to fit into narrow spaces and along the edges of the pool, deck or patio, they provide a clear view and more useable property space than other fencing types.

The bottom line is that glass pool fencing is tremendous protection at a great value for cost and makes any property look fabulous.

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