Tone Up Your Appearance

At different stages in life, you accumulate many relationships. In the days of dating your ex, it was just the two of you and you had all the time in the world to set time for each other during the courtship days. Once you get married, the responsibilities of a family and work weigh you down and there is a gradual decrease in time that you spend with each other. With motherhood, the whole world takes a turn and all your attention is centered on your kids. Post motherhood, you neglect yourself and your appearance takes a turn for the worse. Bulges at the wrong places, saggy skin makes you look unattractive to your partner. All this would eventually make him move away from you.

If you are very keen on how to get your ex back, then it is high time you spruced up yourself. Get the me time and pamper yourself. Visit a salon and get beauty treatments done so that your looks are back to their good old days. And your hubby starts to take notice of your changed appearance. The very fact that you have taken efforts to please him will surely act as a tonic for him to get back to you. Receive him home with a smile rather than the grumpy complaints about home and kids.

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