Uses of Silicone within the Agricultural Industry

In the agricultural industry, silicone products have a wide variety of uses. Silicone tubes and pipes can be used to transport liquid, which is particularly important in the milking process, whilst silicone liquids can be used as lubricants to keep the farm machinery running effectively. Even silicone sponge has its place, used to make gaskets.

Silicone moulding allows the production of silicone to meet any requirements, with specific shapes and sizes. Silicone is a hard-wearing material that is capable of resisting high and low temperatures, UV, water, air pollutants and physical impacts and due to its non-toxic properties can be safely used to transport food and drink from one place to another for movement around the farm and for efficient packaging in preparation for distribution.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their animals, many in the farming and agriculture industries buy mats including cow mats and horse mats that can be placed on hard floors. These can prevent animals with hooves from slipping, particularly in wet environments, and are often selected as a bedding material. Since silicone is weather-resistant, and silicone sponge products can be created to be completely waterproof, it is a very effective material for the production of these mats. They can then be placed indoors or outdoors without risk of going mouldy. They are also easy to wipe or hose clean particularly important when you are dealing with large animals.

Silicone is a resilient material that is flexible and strong, and is long-lasting. As a long-term investment, it is considered particularly cost effective. Farmers who often need affordable solutions value the fact that silicone products can be used for years without deterioration in quality, which allows them to provide their animals with a suitable environment and to ensure that their machinery lasts longer whilst reducing the need for ongoing investment.

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