What in the World is Hard Drive Recovery?

If you have ever suffered a cataclysmic disk crash, you will already know. Hard drive recovery is the science and art of extracting trapped critical files and folders from the smoking wreckage of a hard disk. We are not talking here about the simple stuff - where you can run a free trial program on a USB stick and magically you see all your files - we are talking about proper hardware level correction and work-arounds required just to get to the point of attempting initialisation. This also includes forensic cloning and very low level hexadecimal hacking to make profound corrections to file systems in order to make the folders reappear. The world of hard drive recovery is an esoteric one - the best practitioners might remind you of people who collect beer mats - obsessive collectors who are deeply knowledgeable about one thing. But who else would you want to trust your crashed hard disk to?

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