What Is Sitemap How It Helps Websites

Website is made up with multiple individual pages and each delivers certain amount of content. As part of the structured designing, these pages are being arranged in an orderly manner. If you look at a website, typically one would find Home, About Us, Contact Us, Our Products/Services, etc. as part of the top menu bar. Each one of them is a unique page that contains relevant information. Search engines must crawl for these pages otherwise the web presence of that site would be lost.

In order to have this crawling to happen, web developers would put up a sitemap which tells the crawling bots about the web pages. Sitemap is written in XML file format where XML means Extensible Markup Language. This language can be read by humans as well as machines and hence it has got an edge over other formats.

If you do not have a sitemap on your website, you can look into your hosting cPanel. Some of the hosting companies like hostgator, offer a tool to build sitemaps.

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. depend on sitemaps to locate the web pages and add to their index. Sitemap lists the pages in a hierarchical manner. Following hierarchy, web crawlers will identify the inner pages of the website. Thus a website gains in terms of traffic being driven from online keyword searches.

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