Who Started Making Buffalo Chicken Jerky?

There may not be too many people who know exactly how the name buffalo chicken came to become so popular. Back in the times when Native American Indians were the only inhabitants in American, they hunted buffalo and many wild animals in the plains. Well, they also learned about the chickens that roam the areas. Some chickens were small and others were huge. From what some people say, the Native American Indians were the first who name the huge chicken buffalo chickens. Now, we raise these chickens and also use them to make buffalo chicken jerky. The Native Americans were actually the first people in America to make the buffalo chicken jerky, and now, we all enjoy such a scrumptious snack. It can be great being able to sit back and relax while chewing on a batch of buffalo chicken jerky. The only thing we have to worry about is finding the jerky company that can create a very delicious batch for all of us to eat. Lately, quite a few jerky fans eat and enjoy the quality jerky made by Boyds jerky company. Check out the buffalo chickens that come from each batch of jerky from this company. You will be the one to decide which chicken jerky brand is perfect for your own taste buds.

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