Why Polished Concrete Is A Top Choice

Imagine the traffic of people in malls, schools and hospitals. Visualize the friction on the floors and you will understand the literal meaning of "downtrodden". Owners of establishments that expect much traffic and browbeating on the floor understand this which is why they want to be practical. What can be the best flooring option under the said circumstance? The have polished concrete installed by a decorative concrete company in MN , and here are the reasons why many establishments use polished concrete.

Resilience under pressure. The passage of countless number of people puts so much strain on floors that cause it to be easily scratched and worn out. Frequent repairs and cleaning are both expensive and time consuming. Polished concrete minimizes these problems being impact resistant and abrasion resistant. The surface of the porous concrete is transformed into a dense from a porous surface that prevents the penetration of oil, water and other contaminants causing stains and deterioration. There are no grouts too that can harbor pathogenic microorganisms making it more hygienic.

Long-lasting and viability. The best benefit of all is the fact that it is economical to install and to maintain. This only needs to be refinished once every 5 to 10 years. With proper maintenance, polished concretes can last easily last for 10 to 20 years. In fact, maintenance and occasional re-polishing can even extend its life over 40 or 50 years, or as long as the slab is there. Indeed, polished concrete has a lifespan longer than any other flooring material.

Pleasant aesthetics. Institutions that make money from the traffic of people - customers, students and patients do not also want the appeal to be compensated by cost and sturdiness. It is most perfect if all of these can be satisfied without sacrificing the aesthetics. Polished concretes are generally finished with advanced diamond polishing technique that creates high gloss. This minimizes the need for use of polishing substances and tedious cleaning process. Having high reflectivity of light also minimizes the use of electrical lighting which make its use cost efficient over time.

Naturally "green." Using less materials, especially chemicals, make polished concretes healthier to the environment. These require no special coats like epoxies, waxes, urethanes or volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may just end up as slurry dumped in some landfills upon replacement or repair.

These are just a few of the many reasons why many establishments use polished concrete. To be able enjoy the full range of benefits of polished concretes, ask your friendly decorative concrete company in Minnesota about choices and get them to install it too.

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