World Of Warcraft General Guide

After the release of new expansion, players will have to know the new changes in the game. After the Burning Crusade, players are able to choose a new race, Blood Elves, and a new class, paladin. Paladin is not good at PVP. The new Draenei race can be Shamans. The level cap has become level 70. Players should try their best to level up fast to the new cap.

In the new expansion, players have a new continent with 8 areas to go. They can do a lot of dungeons there. In order to level up to 80 fast, players can do the dungeons. Players also can create a new character to level up to cap. In Wrath of the Lich King, players should defeat the mighty Lich King. Players can also challenge the Argent tournament grounds. There are many things players can do there to level up to cap.

In the Cataclysm expansion, there are also many changes in the game. Players have new places to go. Azeroth is a great place for WOW power level. It was scarred by Deathwing, the new nemesis to the WOW scenery. There are new areas in Azeroth, and quest lines are also changed for the new scenery. Alliance players can choose a new race called Worgen, and Horde players can choose a new race called Goblin. In this expansion, players can level up to 85.

The newest expansion of World of Warcraft is the Mists of Pandaria. There is also a new race, which is called Pandaren. Both Alliance faction and Horde faction can both choose this race to play. There is also a new class called Monk. There is also a new area for monks. In the very beginning, Monks are neutral, neither Alliance nor Horde. Players should level up the monks to a certain level to choose their faction. After the players choose the faction, they should play the game according to the faction they have chosen. The place they should level up may be different if they choose the different faction. Players can also use some add-ons to help them to level up faster and earn WOW gold at the same time.

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